About Me
Hello, my name is Cindy Mack and I'm excited to be teaching kindergarten for the 8th year at St. Clement of Rome School.

My goal is to teach each child at their level through differentiated instruction fitting their individual needs. This will be done in all curriculum areas.

I am certified in early childhood education and elementary education with twenty(+) years practical experience. I attended the University of Missouri St. Louis where I recieved my undergraduate degree.

I am married to Dennis, my husband, who is a respiratory therapist. My husband and I have two daughters. One daughter is a fifth grade teacher at St. Mark's and the other daughter is a attending college majoring in photography and graphic design.

My favorite activities are spending time with my family and creative arts. I love to make things and spend most of my free time either creating or teaching children how to express themselves through various art mediums.

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